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Full Moon Casting - Problem Solving Dish! Solves Problems Big and Small! OUR DAEMON CREATED SOLVER!

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We just completed this on our last full moon.

Today I offer a very successful and simple to use problem solver. 

This is our newest and most powerful problem solving tool...We upped the problem solving power by having God level Problem solving Daemons offer their magick. This means you have a God level problem solver without the God Daemon to bond with.

This is easy to use...Write your problem down, light it on fire and let it burn within the cauldron.

This is a true problem solver. No problem is to big or two small. It is also capable of handling many problems at once.

We all have issues in our life that we wish would just go away. This highly spelled bowl will make them go away and make them go away fast.

This can rid you of high bills, debt, romantic problems, loneliness, sadness, anger, love, competitors, evil, curses, negativity, bad habits, and so much more. Naming all the problems this one box can take away would be a very lengthy description. Everyone's problems are unique. It will be easiest to say what it will not take away...

While it will take away people it will not kill them. The magick within this is not black magick. While they will be banished from your life or a loved ones life they will not or cannot be harmed.

This will not break up a happy family...If two people are truly in love the cauldron will not break that up. However if there are problems within the relationship this box can free the person you want to be free.

This magick will not harm an innocent person or a child.

All else is fair game!

This is a powerful copper dish and the magick with it will be constantly renewing it's self. There is zero upkeep on with this, no cleansing, no bonding and offerings needed (although offerings are always suggested). This is also unlimited so this can be passed on to your children and even to their children. This is also powerful enough to work on more then one problem at a time.

This complex magick is the easiest type to use!

I will send very simple instructions on how to use it.

Please note the style may vary.

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