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Young Chinese Fox - Fantastic Entities Ready to Bond with Their Keeper!



Today my coven and I are pleased to bring you a new and exciting offering. Today you are offered your choice of a male or female Chinese Fox!



Each of the babies in this offering have either two or three tails. As they mature and learn more magickal abilities they will grow more tails. What they need now is a keeper you will allow them to exercise their natural talents. This gives you the chance to guide a powerful entity into greatness!



This race is similar to the Kitsune in their abilities. However, they only work with white magick. She does all of her magick with love, light and speed.



A Mature Chinese Fox can cast nearly any kind of spell no matter how elaborate or simple it may be. These can be spells of wealth, luck, success, beauty, love, power or any variety.



This is a highly magickal race that can finely tune all magick in your home. They can boost spells cast by you or for you by up to two levels, boost spirits’ levels, and even reweave old spells. The Chinese helps spells manifest faster, more accurate and even more powerful than ever before!



The Chinese Fox is known to be a powerful psychic guide. They can bless you with intense visions of the past, the present and even the future. You will be able to understand things that you never would have in the past and have the power to change your future.



This race also blesses their keeper with the power to read the thoughts of others and control them. You can gain empathic abilities and use those this ability how you wish.





One of the rarest abilities that this race can possess is their ability to speak to the dead. You can also contact the dead of ancient times to find out ancient knowledge!


Each of these babies is powerful and unique. You will not be disappointed if you choose to bring of them home! Protection Status