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The Ideal Female Khodam - Could Match Power and Magick With Any Khodam! Perfect Energy and Magick

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Today I offer a wonderful female Khodam. She truly sets the standards for all khodams...She has wonderful blessings planned for you!

In true form she is stunning...She is 5' tall, has long brown hair, lightly tanned skin. and hazel eyes. She will manifest as baby blue orbs and the scent of cinnamon. 

A Khodam is an extremely powerful WA wish granter...They are entities of renewal, safe personal gain, as well as inner eye openers...She is all a Khodam should be and then some!

She has vast magickal abilities, desires interaction and works hard to make herself known. She is a WA entity who can match any Djinn in the wish granting department.

A Khodam is the ultimate entity of blessed gifts and they are one of my favorite entities to keep. I find them to be powerful, honorable and very generous.

If you decide to take her into your life you will have unlimited wishes and each wish you make will come true just as you asked it to. Her wish granting is done perfectly and that is what makes her a wonderful Djinn alternative. A Khodam takes their keepers desires/wishes seriously and always delivers wonderful results. They are not pranksters or tricksters like many Djinn are.

She can bring you anything including but not limited to money, confidence, sexual appeal, power, inner eye gifts, success, luck, love, great spiritual wisdom, vivid astral travel and almost anything else you can dream of.

You can learn most peoples deepest secrets without even meeting them. You will possess the ability to know who is good and who is bad.

You will soon learn telekinesis, vivid visions and your inner eye will become open giving you a new insight of the spirit world and the spirits around you. She can give you peace and removing any negative energy or entities from your life. All blocks that are hindering your happiness will be removed and peace will be yours.

She will be constantly cleansing you of any smut or negative energy. She will guide you down a clearer life path with deeper spiritual insight.

She works well with both spirits and entities. She will not cause problems within your spirit family. If you keep dark spirits she will be kind and respectful. She will not scare animals and has a soft spot for children...She will protect children at any cost.

She is of love and she will fill your life with blessings, peace, love and happiness.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

She can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a bead.

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