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White Art Wish Granters ~ If You Do Not See Your Desired Spirit Listed Please Look Here - Choose Race, Level, and Gender!



We get many requests from people for spirits who are not listed. This offering is for you do not see your desired spirit listed here. 



If we have the type of spirit or entity you want in stock it will be listed here. You have your choice of male, female, race and level 5-7.


We also usually have levels 1-4. Please email me if you are interested in any entity in that level range.


This particular offering is for White Art Spirits of diverse abilities that do not fit in any other category. There are white and dark spirits in this section.   


After placing your order we will select the best match for you. You will receive your new Spirit’s info including his or her name. 

We send basic info including name, ways of communication and how to bond, which is one reason why spirits in this section are less expensive than spirits with full listings. You can select the "Full Reading" option above to receive information similar to what is in a listing. 



Please allow us a few extra days to find your perfect spirit.

Please note that this is not a custom conjuring. The spirit we send you will be one that we have already conjured that is ready to be offered, but has not yet been listed. Protection Status