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Female Were Panther - Devoted Entity Enhances Senses and Reflexes - Fierce Guardian!


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Today I offer a newly conjured level 7 female werepanter...She is an excellent entity that possess both ideal energy and abilities.

She can shift from human to panther. In her human form she appears in her early-20s...She has long black curly hair, beautiful brown eyes, and very fit build...In her panther form she is a stunning black cat with wise brown eyes eyes. She can manifest as temperature changes, a rainbow of colorful orbs, and make a tapping sounds

The Werepanther helps their keeper evolve...She will help you blossom into a person of wit, confidence, power, beauty, and grace. People will notice you, remember you, and admire you.

Were-creatures have a wide range of abilities. There are a few that are typical to the majority of weres. These include: gifting keeper with sharpened senses, developing animal telepathy, giving super strength, and protection.

Were Cats in particular tend to bring their keeper sharpened senses, protection, enhanced reflexes, independence and beauty.

She can enhance your wit, give you confidence, gifts you sexual allure, draws in admires, and gives you the power of suggestion.

She is a fearless guardian who will be on patrol day and night! She lets nothing get past him and will work to eliminate dangers and warn you of upcoming trouble.

She communicates through emotions, pendulum, telepathy and dreams.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her vessel is a lovely pendant.

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