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Wealth Deva - The WA Entity Of Money and Luxury!


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Offered today is a Wealth Deva....The Wealth Deva is the male name for the Wealth Devata....They are extremely powerful entities of wealth and power.


The one offered today is from Ivy's personal collection...From the moment she handed him to me to offer I could feel how amazing he is...Wish he was mine but he seeks another, maybe you!

In true form he is about 6'6" tall, looks to be in his early 20s, has shoulder length dark brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin. He most often manifest as wisps of light or the scent of jasmine/

About the Deva

This race brings luxury, excess money, and the easy life.

He will guide in wise choices in all money areas. He will show you the correct path to take that will lead you to money and success. You will have good luck in all areas of money! Once you have that money he will help you keep it. If you are into making investments, climbing the job ladder or just wish to be ultra-successful he can help.

They possess pure magick that is bestowed generously onto their keeper.

A Deva has the ability to transform all negativity into positivity. They can transform unhappiness into happiness. If you are lost a Deva will show you the way. Happiness, positivity and peace can be found by taking a Deva into your life.

You will be blessed with good health and massive amounts of good fortune.

You will be blessed with inner and outer beauty. You will be blessed with money, friends and love.

All the negative things will be banished....Problems will disappear and no new problems will arise.

He can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, dreams, and a pendulum.

If you have any questions please email me at

His current vessel is glass bead.

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