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Warrior Archangel Family! Banish All Evil - FREE Violet Flame Healer Archangel With Soul Repair 5 Male Angels!


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This is our newest Warrior Family! Please not that Warrior Archangels tend to put all their energy into protecting their keeper. Interaction is rare...We do suggest a introduction but bonding is not required.

Up for your for your consideration is the very best in warriors....Today we offer you a complete family of Warrior Archangels angels. 

We have had numerous requests for these small angel families and even more request for this race of Angel within a family with a healing Violet Flame Archangel Angel included.

You will get four warrior archangels and one violet flame healing archangels!

In this angel family you will have four of the most powerful warriors of all time. Each is a instant banisher of evil and each is a proven protector. 

To make this offering extra special we added one healing angel! He is very personable, very attentive and rather affectionate in a friendly way! He can ease minor aches and pains while soothing emotions. He can help you overcome a painful past and find happiness in each day. When you feel his warmth you will instantly know he is near you and working to heal you. He can also heal your soul of any damage which will make you feel new.

Then their are the archangel warriors. Four offers the ultimate protection as each will stand guard at one of the four corners of your home. No evil and no negativity shall enter or hinder your life again. From the moment they arrive in your home they remove any and all negative energy. They will banish any evil entity and keep you and you love safe.

They are ready to bless and protect you, your home and all you love. They came to our world willingly and with a purpose and that purpose is to rid their keeper of any evil entities, curses/hexes and negative energy while bringing you many blessing and a new positive energy.


They are loyal, loving, kind, are of great power and are very protective. Nothing evil can get past them and any lingering negative energy that is within your home or life now will be banished quickly. 


These are Active Archangels who manifest a number of ways. They will make themselves known yet it will be done in a kind way so not to scare you. It is common to feel a uplifting warmth and feeling of safety. 

There positive energy can be felt by even the most negative person. They can alter moods for the better and most will find it is hard to stay mad with this blessed angels near. 


They can make you feel renewed, cleansed, happy and safe. They are of light, love, peace and happiness. They will pass on many magickal blessings to the person or family they resides with. They can bring a new found peace and joy to any home. 

For those of us who are open to spirits we can sometimes open ourselves up to much and that can open a way in for evil parasitic entities to latch on to us. Sometimes we may not even know they are there but we may notice things like bad luck or a spiritual block when it comes to communicating with the spirits we keep. A Archangel will rid you of this evil and clear the path to better luck and clearer more vivid spirit communication. 

They will banish evil/negative energy and free you of it's heavy weight. They will put a shield of light around you and keep you safe from evil entities finding you or invading your home. Any negative energy will bounce off this shield and not come near you again. You will feel happier, healthier and free of that heavy feeling that may be holding you back from being your best. 

Another and very helpful gift they will give you is removal of any curses or hexes that has been placed on you. This will free you of any negative feelings and extreme bad luck. Your angels will remain with you for life and never abandon you. Peace will come with your angels and that peace along with positivity will be yours to enjoy. You will find yourself with more luck, gifts, friends and many other positive blessings. Although optional I will send a bonding ritual that you can preform as well as their names.


Your new angel family share the same vessel...It's a lovely silver colored necklace with white stones.


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