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VooDoo Sabine's World Famous Amulet Of Predictions and Psychic Visions


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Sabine has sent us a treasure to offer! This spell in normally offered on a simple stone but this offering was cast on a lovely pendant.

Today we offer The World Famous Amulet of Prediction is here.

Sabine just sent us these...Please note the stone color may vary from the one pictured. 

The possessor of this amulet will soon have a safe opening of their inner eye. The VooDoo with this necklace works at a pace you are ready for. It will advanced with you and work your entire life through.  What you can expect from this is...  

Gaining medium abilities which will allow you to communicate with the dead, spirits and even entities.  

Gaining psychic abilities allowing you to see into the future.  

Lucid Dreaming with time and astral travel.  

Make Predictions of future events.  

The amulet is a lovely blue pendant that is under 2" in size.

I will send it in a storage bag which will be helpful if you are unable to wear it and prefer to carry it. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for looking!