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Voodoo Karma Eraser...Start Fresh Have Good Luck By Removing Bad Karma



Today we offer another authentic VoDou offering by a authentic practitioner of Haitian Voodoo (vodou). Sabine has been a honored member of our shop for many years...Her latest offering is powerful and very useful!

Sabine is preparing for retirement and passing along her part in our store to Granddaughter...If you seek authentic Sabine Voodoo, do not wait!

This is a bad karma cleansing offering. If you suffer from bad luck, sadness, regret, and loss it could be due to bad karma. Bad karma effects people in different ways but it's always negative and always gets it's say. Here is your chance to start anew and be cleansed of bad karma.

Most people have done things they are not proud of...We may be sorry but karma does not care. It's takes what is due no matter how sorry we are.

We feel that regret over our past mistakes is enough punishment! We offer a way to free you of any and all bad karma. Shortly after taking possession of this highly magickal stone you back karma will melt away, you will be cleansed and any bad caused by bad karma will cease.

Queen Sabine likes to work with natural materials. Therefore she put her powerful magickal and a raw gemstone. You will receive one very powerful raw gemstone, a storage back and the simple instruction on how to use this. It's simple, it's fast and it works.

The stone you get may vary in color and size. The average size is about 1". If you prefer something to wear please email me.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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