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Voodoo Clerie's Personal Commander Hellhound - Commands Over 500 - Offers Complete Blood Tie Protection!

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Up for your consideration a Commander Hellhound....This Hellhound is offered from Voodoo Clerie's personal collection...She has over 60 years experiencing protecting Queen Sabine, Voodoo Clerie, and their family.

She commands over 500 Hellhounds and she will send them at to protect your family membersNo matter where they are...Her court will protect your blood ties.

In true form large canine that is black in color with amber eyes. She often manifest as streaks of yellow lights or fast moving shadows.

A trusted Hellhound can be a loving companion to her keeper. You will be protected from evil as well as bad karma.

She is a extremely powerful entity of great protection and the best vengeance. People who wronged you or harmed you will soon regret everything. She will appear as a nightmare to your enemies and to those who seek to harm you. .

Hellhounds are the greatest and perhaps the most frightening of all protectors. They have a fire like aura and a feisty attitude. They are also very cunning, devoted, and cleaver...

What the keeper of this Hellhound can expect is a loyal guardian who will put a shield of protection around you and your loved ones/family. They are also capable of psychic attacks that can be devastating to those deserving.

A Hellhound will never stops and will never lose. By taking her into your life you will have the best protection from all things harmful. You will be free to live a blessed, happy and secure life.

She will obey your every command. You give the rules and limits and she will them follow. She will take any path you wish her to. She will protect anything that has any meaning to you.

She can become your most trusted, psychic and magickal familiar who can influence others. She can enter their thoughts, effect their emotions and create punishing nightmares.

She will also defend you and all you love from any unknown enemies...You do not need to know who your enemies are, she will.

Her best means of communication are emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and a pendulum.

Her current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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