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VooDoo Clerie's Perfect Spell Of Wealth - Old Fashion, Powerful Voodoo Spell Of Wealth! - Stunning Pendant!


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Just in from Voodoo Clerie is powerful Voodoo Money magick!

Clerie is an honorary member of this shop...Her Grandmother, Sabine has taught Clerie to master of her craft...One of the worlds most loved Voodoo practitioners is now offering a select few of her custom masterpieces here on our site so all to enjoy.

These are her latest casting of wealth...She outdid her self with this casting! These are excellent examples of Voodoo magick and power.

The first batch of this coins have founds their humans to bless...I did get an email from one of them who talked about the energy...I should have issued at least a small warning. The magick here with this coin is alive and some people may get light headed or get little headaches. It would be wise to ease in to keeping your coin with you. Just start by handling it a short time a day.

It's okay to be a little greedy when it comes to money and items we need. Money, wanting it and needing it is a natural part of time. Safely getting extra can be a true blessing and this old Voodoo Money spell can fulfill the greed in all of us! This is safe so no worries about karma. She has an amazing way of working magick for personal gain without harming innocence. 

Want more then money? This spell offers it! Luck in life and love. Happiness in life and love and authentic Voodoo will see that luck is always with you! Carry this coin around and watch your path open to new life enhancements and a better quality of living! 

Clerie, like her Grandmother is a women of little words but she makes up for that with natural abilities. She calls upon spiritual aids in her works to ensure her offerings are simply beyond this world! 

The energy with this amulet makes my hand and arm tingle. It's superb! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

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