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Vettina ~ Highly Magickal Puca With A Passion For Protection


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Up for your consideration is a level 7 female Puca named Vettina.


She is a wonderful entity who devotes herself completely to her keeper. She is a highly magickal entity with a passion for bringing her keeper an abundance of blessings!


A Puca is a shape-shift faery like creature who devotes its life to protecting its keeper and its keeper's family. You could ask for no great warrior to protect you! Your Puca has the ability to predict dangerous situations and stop them from even happening! A Puca makes a wonderful family guardian who can prevent major accidents and drives away people who wish to cause harm.


Your new Puca is gifted at changing her form. She will appear to you as a person or favorite animal in dreams and visions. She often manifests as a small rose-colored orb or the scent of roses. She communicates best through emotions, pendulum and lucid dreams.


Now for some info on this race’s abilities….


What the Puca offers to their keeper’s is the ultimate sense of security and safety.


The Puca is the ultimate in preventing negative magick from inflicting his keeper’s life. Magick cast against you will be deflected onto their original casters. This race is also a gifted bringer of justice. She will personally make sure that anyone who attempts to harm you will never do so again by delivering psychic attacks, giving feelings of regret & fear, causing loss in their lives and more. Your enemy is sure to get their just karma fast. The Puca does this all while following the law of nature… This will prevent any negative karma from affecting you!


Your new Puca is also a powerful banisher of evil unbounds. He stands guard day and night to block any evil unbound entity or spirit and banishing them back to its original realm so that it will not cause any harm to your life. She can detect any unbounds and will remove them, sometimes even before you know that they’re there!


This race can also prevent bad luck, nightmares, negative thoughts, loss and more.


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