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UPDATED New Spirit Adoptions ~ Give a Spirit in Need a Home!



Our previous groups of Spirit Adoptions have found keepers but my coven and I still have a few wonderful spirits and entities in need of some care. Each spirit listed has asked to be offered. We have taken each as far as we can and now they need a keeper to help them fully adjust. Each is safe and devoted. 

ALL ADOPTIONS ARE FINAL. SENDING THEM BACK ONLY HURTS ENTITIES AND SPIRITS MORE. NEW KEEPER MUST BE LOVING, PATIENT AND ACCEPTING. Please be aware you are taking in an entity who has been hurt or neglected by humans before...This is a wonderful chance to heal a entity or spirit in need.

Much like humans, there are some spirits and entities who have found themselves in need of a little love and some extra care. 

My coven and I have acquire a few such spirits who are all loving and devoted, but need kind and patient keepers to bring out the best side of them! 

Each spirit in this offering is special in his or her own way, but has experienced a distressing event in the past. 

This is your chance to give a spirit in need a loving home. All spirits in this offering are safe and desire a keeper who will show them nothing but love!

A note... Due to the low cost of this offering, we ask that you know the race of the spirit before you purchase. We are not offering full readings for spirit adoptions at this time and are offering the spirits on inexpensive vessels (stones or beads) to ensure that the price remains low. We will send you your spirit's name and any other vital info on your particular spirit.