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Truth Spell - Spot A Liar or Bust A Liar...Know The Truth!



Newly cast is a spell my coven and I are very pleased with. Proudly offered is a our Tell Me Know Lies spell.


This spell was cast for anyone who wants to know the truth. It is meant for a person who wants to know if their loved ones, coworkers or even strangers are lying to them.


Some people are sensitive to magick and those who are will never be able to lie to you.


Those people who have natural blocks may try to lie but when they do you will know it.


You will know the energy of a lie and how to sense it. Sooner or later they will come clean and be truthful.


This spell was cast to work for large lies...The type of lies that betray trust and the ones we should know about.


This spell must be your secret spell as no one should no you possess it. Since this is a personal spell my coven and I cast it upon a simple 925 bead that is made of glass. The design on the glass and the color will vary. 


If you have any questions please feel free to email me.


Thank you for looking. Protection Status