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The Perfect Bound Demon Aqua Vampire Hybrid Helps Keeper Become Superhuman!**RECORD LOW COST**

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Today we offer an outstanding Aqua Vampire Bound Demon Hybrid...She was conjured nearly 6 months ago to be offered here...We have thoroughly tested her and she has been excellent...A true joy to work with!  

I am positive her new keeper will love her! 

In true form she is 5'9 tall, has porcelain skin, waist length black hair, pale blue eyes, and has lovely hourglass figure. She looks to be in her early 20s. She can manifest as an array of scents, shadows, and orbs.

She specializes in protection, mind powers, justice, charisma, and even wealth.

General info about this type of hybrid.

She can greatly enhance her keeper to where you evolve into a super human with enhanced senses, strength, unworldly allure, and power.

This hybrid is an excellent warrior and protector of all types and levels of evil. They can protect you from energy drainers, mind readers, and mind control. Keeping their keeper safe and happy is their number one goal.

This hybrid is a master of controlling enemies. She can help you manipulate them and control their thoughts and emotions. If you wish her to, they can make your enemies nervous, fearful, obedient or admire you! This ability to manipulate others can also extend to people who are not your enemies. She can gain you the attention of potential mates, sway your coworkers or give helpful suggestions to loved ones.

She can also drain energy from your enemies and absorb their magick and give it you. They will never do this to a dangerous level or do it in a way that puts you at risk for negative karma but they will give you the upper hand in all situations!

She can bless their keeper with the strengths of others. They have the ability to sense what you like and desire in other people and will bless you with these gifts. This race does not take away others abilities but helps you develop them! Soon you will have every quality you have ever desired…. You will become a more rounded person who can achieve nearly anything you have ever desired to!

She will also provide you with a boost of energy and confidence. They can improve memory, wit and even intelligence.

She can help sharpen physical senses, mentality, and psychic senses. You will move with more grace and have better hearing, eye sight, sense of smell, and faster reflexes. You will also find that at the end of each day you are no longer mentally exhausted.

She communicates best by telepathy, emotions, during meditation, visions, lucid dreams and a pendulum.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a lovely pendant with pale yellow rhinestones. 

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