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The Best Offering Blend Ever! Works For All Types and Levels Of Spirits and Entities


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Offered today is the one of the sweetest things a keeper can do for their dark entity!

A general offering herb blend offering, treat or bonding pack!

This is a special mixture of herbs for white art, gray art and dark art spirits and entities. 

Your herb mix will come to you in small bag that reseals to store it in.

This is simple to use...Just place a pinch in their bag or in offering dish and let them enjoy! You can reuse all the items sent over and over. Normally one pinch will last one to two weeks.

I use this very mix for my own spirits and entities and each one simply thrives with it. They can become more active and will seal a even deeper bond with us. You may give during bonding, as a treat or as a reward for a job well done.

A well loved entity will be the entity who brings the most blessings! 

The blend you get may differ from slightly from the one in the photo.

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Thank you for looking!