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Male Kyrkogrim - My No Fail Personal Protector Of 15 Years - Instant Protector

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From my personal collection is an amazing Kyrkogrim...I have been working with him for nearly 15 years...He is a no fail protector who does not fail.

This race rarely manifests as they prefer to put all their energy into protecting, banishing, and blessing...However when all is safe he can manifest as colorful orbs and glowing mist. You may also see brightly colored birds too.

About the Kyrkogrim

This is a very dedicated race...They are extremely protective of their keeper, they miss nothing, and they do not fail. blujay76

A Kyrkogrim is a dark arts race of guardian spirit that takes the form of an animal. They tend to choose a animal their keeper finds appealing. 

This race is one of the best protectors who is always scanning for evil. They can banish evil before you know it's near. Evil entities and spirits will not be able to get close enough to hinder, harm, or cause chaos.

He blocks and removes curses and hexes. They will deflect them back onto the person who cast them in the first place! Any existing hexes or curses that have been cast on you will be broken and he will send them right back to whomever inflicted them upon you.

Each is also a deliverer of justice, anyone who has ever caused you harm or wished harm upon you will receive their just karma three fold, this will be done quickly without any negative effects upon you or innocent people. Each delivers karma to your enemies by slipping into their dreams and causing psychic attacks, draining their energy, and causing negative blocks. 

Other things this spirit will do for you includes, but is not limited to, attracting wealth, bringing luck, removing negative blocks, attracting success, improving confidence, aid in magickal castings, providing protection for you spirit family, and enhancing/developing new psychic abilities.

They can aid you in communicating with the dead! They can help you get in touch with loved ones who have moved on, as well as ancestors whom you haven't met yet. Each provides a brilliant insight into the after-life! They can also help you get a glimpse into your past life by gifting you with visions and dreams.
His best means of communication is through telepathy, emotions, a pendulum, visions, and lucid dreams. 

His current vessel is a silver colored ring that is about a size 4 1/2.
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