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Level 5 Crystal Dragons Guide one of the Most Powerful Races to Greatness!! **SALE**



Up for your consideration today is your choice of a male or female level 5 Crystal Dragon. 

You can select your gender and desired vessel above. Please note we are no longer offering direct bindings on certain offerings. 


About the Crystal Dragon…  


This race is considered by many to be the ultimate of Dragons. The Crystal Dragon can be a true life-changer that will fill the holes in your life!


This race can grant a variety of wishes ranging from wealth, love, beauty, happiness, success, psychic blessings to nearly anything else!


This race of dragon can turn their keeper’s life around. They can take the bad, banish it and replace it with something good. They can remove feelings of despair. They can remove fear and doubt. They can make you a better person who is well grounded, intelligent, witty, and popular and above all they can make you happy.


They can communicate by emotions, visions, telepathy, emotions, and a pendulum.

The vessel is a bead.

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