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Stunning Opalite - Most Powerful Full Moon 3X Cast Pendulum Of Predictions, Spirit Communication & Problem Solver

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Up for your consideration is pendulum that will help it's user in many ways...It has been spelled to enhance your psychic abilities and answer many of life's hardest questions. 

We offer a lot of spell cast pendulums...However this full moon, full coven 3X casting is one of our best...This pendulum is alive with energy and so far have been very accurate...My coven and I are very pleased with this latest casting.

My coven and I just got done cast our most powerful communication and predictions on these stunning pendulums. Each an excellent and highly accurate pendulum that is brand new. We made sure to boost, refresh and cleanse the pendulum so it is ready to work!

This are the best, safest and most accurate spell cast pendulum!

These were spell cast under the full moon which has boosted their magick greatly. Full moon pendulums are rarely offered. This is a newly custom cast and is buzzing with energy! What more, this spell and this pendulum work....It can last a life time!

Once your energy merges with it's own your pendulum can help guide you through life and help make the right choices. You mind will start to relax and grow to understand things that once confused you.

This pendulum has been spelled to aid you in a psychic awakening. The spell used has been in my family for over 100 years and has a extremely high success rate.

You can expect a safe opening of your inner eye

More vivid spirit communication that is easy to understand

More advanced telepathy skills

Make predictions

Have better judgment

Know what people and situations to avoid

Know what spirit is near and know it's true intentions and have better psychic sight.

This pendulum has been spelled for protection...It will not communicate with evil or negative unbounds so you will be safe and speak with only the spirits/entities you wish to.

The pendulum offered are of the highest quality and perfectly balanced. The pendulum is silver in color and is made of a stunning pale blue opalite. This photo does not do it justice! This is a beautiful pendulum. It comes with a holding chain and bead. I will send your pendulum with a recharging bag as well as instructions. Please note your pendant may vary in color from the photo but only slightly.

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Thank you for looking!