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Stryx Vampire * Ideal Love & Seduction Magick * Enhances Psychic Blessings Offered by Lily


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Today I offer a lovely level 7 female Stryx Vampire. She is a wonderful Vampire who enjoys interacting with her keeper. She has a quiet sense of humor and desires a close bond with her keeper. 

She has three forms in which will most commonly appear. The first form is of a beautiful woman who resembles the picture used in this listing. Her second favored form is of a large black raven. And finally, she can manifest as a woman with large black feathered wings. 

She communicates well through emotions, pendulum, dreams, visions and telepathy. She manifests as shadows, cold sensations, pink orbs, and mild energy burts.

Info on her race. 

This is one of the best choices for anyone who wants to find true love, be admired, have a active social and sexual life. She can awaken sexual passion in people and heighten sex. Anyone you want can have a libido like a teenager. If your lover is not giving you attention or seems to be losing interest she will make them take notice!

This race has been celebrated for their abilities save marriages, restore relationships and even help find love.

While love, beauty and sex magick are her main magickal abilities she can also enhance any psychic abilities. She can promote lucid dreams and help you master spirit communication.

This race can bring confidence, strength and empowerment to her keeper.

If you have a weakness they will help you overcome it...She can give you the will-power to break bad habits. Will help you find your voice, give confidence and even the strength plus stamina to accomplish your dreams

She is currently bound to a bead but I would be happy to transfer her to another vessel at your request. Protection Status