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Stress Relief Spell Full Coven Casting - Promotes Relaxation and Restful Sleep


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My coven and I are offering a single casting stress relief spell. 

These are pre-cast beads so we are not offering direct castings on these.

We offer these as a post election deal...We have been much of America is under distress due to our recent presidential election. Stress appears to effecting both sides of the party so during this stressful time we thought a free gift to help calm, relax and remove negativity would ideal for our clients.

Carrying or wearing this bead will help the wearer relax, find peace, lose anger and can even have a basic aura cleanse.

This is a full coven, white art single casting! This spell was cast to work for any type of mild stress. Election related or not.

The bead you will get is a simple lightweight glass bead that may come in any color.

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