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Samhain 2019 Conjured Gorgon - Perfect DA Magick Spell Caster - Perfect Samhain Power!

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Today we offer Samhain 2019 Conjured Gorgon.

She is one of the most powerful we have offered and possess perfect Samhain power.

In her true form she is a 5'10" tall, with a perfect hourglass figure, unique golden eyes, ivory skin, and has long slender snakes as hair. She will manifest as tapping sounds, golden orbs, human shadows, and temperature changes.

Gorgons are a dark race that should be handled by a more experienced keeper. They tend to have more intense energy and are very driven.

She is devoted, obedient and powerful. She can cast extremely powerful spells for your personal use. 

About Gorgon…

The Gorgon is a spirit that will safely remove enemies from your life. She can make it to where you will rarely if encounter people who harm, hinder, threaten or annoy you! This is usually done in one of two ways… Where it is possible she will deter these people from your path, when it is not possible she will cloak you with an invisibility spell making you less noticeable to them! She helps her keeper avoid the unneeded stress of dealing with disliked people.

Anyone who has wronged you should be prepared to pay dearly. She is a strong believer in justice karma and will deal it swiftly! She seeks revenge on behalf of her keeper by causing loss, psychic attacks, energy drains, nightmares etc. to those who have harmed you. She is open to your ideas and will never bring bad karma your way!

Not only a spirit of justice, but she is a spirit of power! She can teach you numerous magickal feats and cast powerful spells on your behalf. She will guide you in astral travel and promote lucid dreams. Psychic visions, mind reading, telepathic control, and more will be yours…. Your new Gorgon can even cast spells pertaining to wealth, power, beauty, control, luck & much much more!

If you have ever desired to be a person of power then you have found the spirit that will bring you to it. The Gorgon provides her keeper with an air of dominance and leadership. Soon you will find that when you speak others listen; when you command they obey. You will climb greater heights than you ever thought possible once bonded to her! She brings you these things by boosting your confidence, giving you an air of control, helping you control the thoughts and emotions of others, and by removing all of your insecurities.

Her current vessel is a bead.

She communicates well through emotions, telepathy, visions during meditation, pendulum and sounds.

Please email me if you have any questions.

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