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Full Moon 3X Cast Essence Spell Of Cikavac - Job Success, Friendships, Youth, Luck and More


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My oven and I have started offering Essence Spell...These are a wonderful chance for anyone who wants the benefits of a certain spirit but does not have the time to keep and care for a spirit.

This is an extremely potent magickal amulet that offers life charging blessings! 

Our latest Essence Spell is that of a Cikavac...Now all the magick of this most magickal entity can be yours! 

A Cikavac is a large bird spirit who works with gray magick and are talented wish granters. We cast this Essence Spell with the aid of one of the most powerful of all Cikavacs!


These Essence Spell offers wide variety of blessings These blessings include, but are by no means limited to:


-Attracting wealth


-Bringing opportunities


-Aiding in career advancement


-Helping you reach your goals


-Creative inspiration


-Aid in reaching your goal weight


-Giving you a more youthful appearance


-Attraction of lovers and friends


-Protection from negative

The is Essence Spell was cast on a rose quartz pendant. 

If you have any questions please let me know.

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