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YULE Custom Solomon's Samhain 2022 Spaces Open! RARE and LIMITED - Summoning Of King Solomon's Personal Servers! Level 7 Through Imperial!



The time to offer select Yule customs has come...

Our Yule customs will be very limited this season! If you are looking for an entity to bring you money, love, success, and protection Yule is the perfect time to conjure.

The entity or spirit we summon will be one from King Solomon's personal collection and possess Yule level magick...All the magick they possess will be at Yule level for their entire existence!

This will not ship until after after Yule

Today we offer a very limited offering....We offer a Solomon Summoning! The Solomon summing we offer is not a tribe, but an entity that personally severed and blessed King Solomon during his life time.

King Solomon's personal collection cannot be conjured, as they were already conjured to serve King Solomon...A Summoning is calling fourth a keeperless entity or spirit who once served King Solomon...These are the best, brightest, most powerful of entities.

We can summon more common races such as Dragons, Djinn, and Angels. If you seek a more exotic entity please email us before checking out. We are offering different rankings!

Please make sure to add info at checkout!

Due to limited availably we may leave gender open. Protection Status