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Jan Full Moon Casting! Ultimate Altar - Add Full Moon Boosting To Spells & Spirits. Excellent Offering, Spirit/Entity Booster, and Removes Negativity

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Today we offer a stunning January Full Moon spell cast altar!

This stunning little altar possesses all the magick of the Full Moon...All you place on it will have an instant boost of extreme Full Moon magick!

International shipping is 26.99

Full Moons are among the most coveted nights of the year...We work hard to create offerings that our the best of their kind.

What it does is boost your spells, spirits, and entities with Winter Solstice  level energy which will help them with their magick, protection, and even communication abilities.

This is alive the magick of the full moon e and that special magick will remain so it's entire existence!

Today we offer a beautiful and highly magickal altar table....This will allow all the spells you currently have can have added full magick. This lovely tree of life wooden altar is a magickal powerhouse! 

The energy it will help with bonding and spell manifesting...Just place spells, spirits, and entities on top!

Shipping price given is for US clients only. International clients please email for correct shipping cost. Please note this will not ship until after Yule.

This is most popular and most commonly used as a recharging, boosting platform for all your spirits, entities and spells. This can work just likes recharging/boosting bags and boxes...However your spirits/entities do not have to be closed away. They can still watch over you will they recharge and get a great full moon magickal boost.

There are many other uses for this as well.

It has been blessed with a burst of positivity amplifying magick as well as negative unbound protection.

This means all rituals you preform on your altar will have positive energy helping them.

The protection also allows for no negative spiritual influence while your are bonding with spirits or casting spells.

This simple tool brings amplified magick, clearer bonding and beauty to any altar. The spell we cast on this stunning altar helps you seal deeper and ever faster bonds with spirits...Even placing spelled items on the altar can help spells become more powerful for faster, clear results.

The altar is a lovely tree of life rustic design. It's about 6"x6" and will vary slightly from the photo.

These will be the last offered for weeks!

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