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Spirit and Entity Bonding Kit - Incense, Candle and Deluxe Recharging Bag



We believe that spirit and keeper should form lifelong bonds. These bonds should be deeply sealed and done so in a timely manner!

We are now offering bonding kits for you and your spirits/entities.

Using this bonding kit can help deepen the bond, create a bond and even speed up the bonding process. 

Each item we send will be handmade and spelled for enhanced benefits. 

Each kit will contain one candle that will be spelled for amplified results.

You will also get 7  incense cones that are also spelled for better/quicker results.

A bonding ritual.

One deluxe recharging bag.

These bonding kits will work with any spirits or entities from any seller.

If you have any questions please feel free to email us.

Thank you for looking!