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Spelled Rose Incense - Brings Love, Soulmate, Attraction, Passion and Peace 13 Cones


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Today I offer a spell case Rose Incense cones!

These have a powerful love spell that has been cast on them...Love magick is within and all around this great incense.

These are handmade with great pride by witches and enhanced for ritual or daily use!

Rose holds much magick and can bring you love, protection, healing, luck, enhance psychic dreams and bring out Fae.

This spell cast blend is also an excellent offering blend for sexual and passionate entities you keep.

If you seek love this incense is ideal... Luck is sure to be with you and love will follow. Your body and mind will relax so your inner eye abilities can blossom. Rose can also keep negative energy from sticking to you.

This incense can be used daily for your own ritual use or as you see fit. Once of this cone is released will feel light and renewed. The abilities of rose can make your luck and life will turn for the better.

Rose is a true force and is useful when it comes to cleansing, bringing out shy Fae, and is used as a purifier of your light force. It is advised that it is used daily. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

This is handmade by me for you and is above other run of the mill incense.

I will send you 12 Rose Incense cones that are about 1" long. They are long burning and clean burning!

You and everyone around you will love them!

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