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Spell To Help You Influence Others - Have Them See Things You Way!



Have you found yourself lacking power or being overruled at all times? If so this spell needs to be cast for you!

With the casting of this spell you will given the power to influence people. Almost all people! If you are currently looking for a job you can influence the interviewer. Being ignored by a desire mate? Influence him or her to give you a chance. Feeling trapped by a overbearing partner? Influence them to give you control.

Almost any situation can be influenced to go your way. Once the magick starts to manifest you can alter a persons will or intention. Nothing special has to be done on your part expect for giving a little suggestion. This may happen instantly or take a little time but you will soon see that people will start to see things your way.

This spell comes as a single or a triple cast.

Single is for those who need just a little influencing power in their life.

The triple cast is for those who need a huge amount of influencing power. If you wish to a triple cast of this spell just add two to cart.

What we need is your name and birthday.

Spell is cast custom for you on a pendant.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

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