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Spell Of Popularity, Confidence, Wit, Charisma, Charm and Social Standing

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Offered today is a precast spell specifically cast to bring you friends, admires and even your true soulmate!

For the first time ever we offer this as a full moon, full coven 3X cast!


This spell is for the person who seeks meaningful social connections… I originally cast this spell for my daughter when she was in high school and saw amazing results with it. Now I am offering it to you!


What this spell can do for you….

Attract new friends to you

Widen your social circle

Strengthen your connection to current friends

Help you reconnect with old friends

Ease tensions among friends

Restore broken friendships

Gain you the positive attention of others

Enhance your social life

Improve your social standing

Help with confidence



And more!

This is a unique precast spell that is perfect for children, teenagers, and adults of any age!


We used a lovely quartz pendant with a gold colored cap for this casting.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for looking!