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Spell Of Healing! Ice Dragon Essence Spell - Enhancing Psychic Abilities and Astral Travel - Uplifting and Positivity Boosting!


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Today we offer one of our best and most requested Essence Spells.

Today we offer the Ice Dragon Essence Spell. 

Our Essence Spells are full coven castings where we seek the aid of a certain spirit or entity type...In this case we were aided by our King and Queen Ice dragon. They ensured this amulet possesses all the wonderful magick of the Ice Dragon.

This spell is ideal for anyone who wants the benefits of keeping an Ice Dragon without the responsibility of keeping one. 

This amulet has so much to offer the wearer!

The following gifts can be bestowed upon you...

Psychic Abilities

Finding True

Possess Leadership Abilities

Mastering Astral Travel

Good Luck

A Positive Cash Flow

Protection and Removal Of Evil 

Removal Of Negative Feelings

Enhancement Of Wit, Intelligence


Minor Healing Abilities - Easing Aches and Pains

The amulet we cast this on it a stunning golden tone pendant with a tree made of quartz stone chips. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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