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Spell Cast Money Drawing Kit - Spelled Candle, Bead and Incense! Limited


There is only 1 item left in stock.


I only have a few of these to offer!

This is the complete prespelled kit of money! 

Each item you receive will be prespelled to bring you money and success.

In this kit you will get three of our top selling items for one low prince.

Your will receive...

One Handmade Money Blend Candle - This candle is spelled for max benefits! Burning this candle clears the air so that a positive cash flow can easily reach you.

Six Handmade and highly spelled money blend incense cones. Burning these cones creates mass amounts of luck and success.

One 3x cast Money and Success Bead - Used alone this spell has good results in all areas of success and money. Used with the above creates the best results for safe personal gain magick!

All items come ready to use and I will send the simple instructions on how best to use them.

Thank you for looking!