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Spell Cast Full Moon Incense Burners - Boost Incense's Power For Bonding, Offerings and Spell Work

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These have just been created and are wonderful spell cast incense burners...This is an incense offering incense burners with charging and boosting abilities. This will turn normal incense into power packed cones and sticks! 

These stunning holders are imbued and polished to a high shine by us. We put a lot of effort into these amazing burners.

Any incense from any retail store can be burned on this stunning stone incense burner.

Place this on your alter, put your favorite offering incense in it, place your amulets around it and let them enjoy. 

Or you can use it to boost any incense during rituals like cleansing or bonding. If you like burning incense for your own uses this will amp abilities of it's uses. Makes incense burn longer, cleanser and more true to form.

These are well made incense burners that will last for years and years. There is no type of upkeep.

These are nicely made brass incense burners. These are nicely made and work wonders. 

If you have any questions I am here and happy to help! 

Thank you for looking.