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Full Moon Spell Cast Child Protection Bead - Full Coven Casting



 Up for your consideration is a lovely bead that is silver in color and adorned with small stones.

This is a spelled bead that will protect your child from curses and negative energy/people as well as help them see past the fears that children often have.

I have had several requests for a child's protection spell but have been unable to offer one until now. This bead is spelled especially for children to have less energy so that your child can handle it!

Your child or a child you love will be kept safe from types of evil and harmful influences. Everything from a playground bully to a mean teacher will be limited as to how much harmful impacts they can have on your child. Any child who has this bead will be safe from curses and all negative energies!

This bead will help your child keep his/her inner eye open as well as make him/her feel more secure, less afraid, happier and more at peace.

This bead is a must have for any child!

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Your will get a lovely bead that will fit a Euro bracelet. Please email me the color of bead you prefer. I will do my best to find you a lovely bead you will love!

Thank you for looking! Protection Status