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Spell Cast Altar Tile - Boosts Spirits 2 Levels, Entities and Spell In One Hour New!


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Today we offer a unique tool that offers many benefits to any spirit keeper...This is the all in one Altar Tile that has been spell cast to provide you, your spirits, entities and spells with the ultimate in energy.

The benefits of this Altar Tile Are.

Recharges spirits, entities and spells in under one hour. Can be used from level 1 to God level entities.

Boost any spirit, entity or spell up to 2 levels in 8 hours.

If two or more spirits and entities are placed upon this altar it will aid them in dealing a deep bond which will allow them to work together in harmony.

If you burn incense or a candle on this tile you find that either will be come a power packed offering. Even normal store bought candles and incense will gain a magickal purpose.

Burning a candle on this tile during bonding can help the energy of any ritual.

Spirits, entities and spells will be beaming with energy and magick will become more potent!

For best result reboost as needed.

This spell cast tile will never run out of magick. It will constantly be recharging and cleansing so the magick will last an entire life time.

This is made of Tibetan Silver, highly detailed and about 4.6" in size. May vary slightly.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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