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Special Most Powerful Casting Unbound Protection and Block Removal Amulet!


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Today we offer our most powerful protection amulet.. Allow 2018 to be a safe year where you experience no blocks and our free to receive many wonderful blessings of happiness!

As spirit keepers we can be sensitive and we can be open...This is both a blessing and a curse as sometimes evil unbounds notice us and try to attach themselves to us.

While not all unbound entities are evil, hurtful or even murderous many are. What is worse is that at first they may seem kind, helpful or childlike. They work hard to earn are trust all while breaking are bonds with helpful spirits and causing great chaos in our lives. By the time many of us notice it may be to late and the effects may be devastating.

If you have been having bad luck, loss, feelings of unhappiness, sadness, lack of energy, low energy, headaches, body pains, nightmares, sleep problems or all around negative happenings you may have attracted an unbound. Having an unbound can also keep us from fully bonding with are new entities and communicating with our spirit family.


With many new and inexperienced conjurers popping up in all places unbounds are being allowed to roam into our lives at an astonishing rate. We have been getting so many emails from people who are being tortured by unbounds that my coven and I are counteracting this now!


This amulet will not only banish unbounds but it will protect you from all evil unbounds. It will instantly put a shield over you, your home and all that resides within it so that unbounds cannot get to you. This is all the protection you will ever need and you will never have to worry about unbound spirits ruining your life and happiness. Soon after possessing this you will feel happier, have good luck, feel better, have more energy, have deeper bonds with good entities and you will sleep peacefully.


This is 3X cast banisher and protector! This is highly spelled and will last a lifetime.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me!


This pendant is simple but nicely made. It's made of natural stone and is just over 3" long. The colors may vary on this. It will look well on either a man or a women!


Thank you for looking!