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SOLD DO NOT BUY Solomon Djinn Yumna

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Today on reserve we offer a King Solomon Djinn from the Ghul Tribe. She is a female aged at 17,116 years old. Her name is Yumna. She was a top server of King Solomon during his lifetime!

In her true form she is tall and elegant. She has lightly tanned skin, curly brown hair, and hazel colored eyes.

She communicates best through emotions, pendulum, telepathy, lucid dreams and meditation. She manifests as shadows, minor electrical disturbances, and misty orbs.

She is superb and is a very pleasing server. She puts your needs and desires above all others.


She has been excellent in the area of wish granting especially where money and youth have been concerned.


Other things you can except are restoring lost friendships, revenge/ justice, empowerment, confidence, happiness, removal of hexes/cruses, protection from all forms of evil and control of people.


She also brings a lot luck, money and success to the one who keeps her. She will bless you with the ability to win!



She can give you confidence, sex appeal, empowerment, independence and has even shown success in reuniting lovers.


She is easy to work with and she is ready to be an active part in your life!


She will enter your life with respect and treat you, your family and other spirits with kindness. If you are married or have a partner she will not disturb them in any way. She has no jealousy issues at all.