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Sleep and Dream Stone - Spelled For A Better Nights Sleep and Promotes Good Dreams

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I personally love dreaming and also require a full nights rest...However a busy life can quickly prevent a good nights sleep as well as limit dreams...My own personal needs created the Dream Stone and for the first time ever I offer them here.

Each stone has been spelled to perfection and each contains powerful magick.

Placing one stone under your pillow can help you sleep better, sleep deeper, sleep longer and allow you to wake up feelings fresh and renewed.

The place will also work as a dream enhancer and will help you have better dreams, remember dreams and even go so far as to promote psychic dreams.

With each passing night you will be blessed by a wonderful peaceful night full of great dreams!

The stone is simple to use and simple instructions will be sent with your stone. You do not have to wear this, only hold it once before bed and place it under your pillow!

The stone you get will be about 1" to 2" and come with a storage bag.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Thank you for looking!