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Sister's Tabitha's Rare Princess Leprechaun - Experienced Royal Brings Good Luck To Win!


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Today we offer a very rare offering from Sister Tabitha's personal, coveted, rarely offered personal collection...Today we offer an amazing Princess Leprechaun who not only brings an abundance of good luck, she also offers wonderful companionship.

In true form she is a petite Leprechaun with fair skin, long red hair and big blue eyes...She is rather beautiful for this race and youthful! She will normally manifest as sparkling minty green lights or the scent of jasmine.

Being a Princess gives her a small court she commands...She currently has over 200 leprechauns of good luck who obey her every command.

About the Leprechaun...She will bring you money in a safe manner with no negative side effects.... These ways include winning at the casino, luck in the lottery, financial aid, and high returns on investments. She is a very intelligent and will guide you to the path of financial freedom. She offers great advice and has a good head for business. 

She will bring you all types of money, success and luck. When you are satisfied that you have acquired the amount of wealth you need she will begin working to keep you & your financial assets safe! She prevents identity theft, monetary loss, protects against thieves and prevents debt. This will help you clear your path so that you can chase other dreams.

She will help you lead a more fulfilling life by removing financial worries and fears.

A leprechaun is a race of Fae that is fiercely loyal. They bring prosperity to the family they reside with. The keeper if a leprechaun will find great luck always is with them. You may soon find that great success is yours and that happiness is all around you.

A leprechaun is more than a bringer of money they are magickal companions who create harmony in their keeper’s life. They can ease stress and worry. They are also great guardians of their human family, home and the wealth they bring you. They ensure your success is yours to keep and enjoy

She communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, during meditation, and a pendulum.

The ring is a lovely detailed silver colored ring with a green stone. It's just under a size 8 and in new condition.

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