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Sister's Star's Personal and Coveted Gahe - Gifted and Devoted Healer Removes Negative Energy and Thoughts! Gifted Problem Solver

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We are very excited to offer a Gahe from Sister Cat's personal collection.

He is an ancient spirit who can take on many forms. He will manifest most often as a 7' tall handsome man with fair skin, black hair, and has large baby blue eyes...You may also see him in an animal form...He is fond of manifesting as a owl.

His main abilities include:

~Providing emotional and spiritual healing

~Providing minor physical healing

~Banishing negative emotions

~Cleansing the spiritual bodies

~Offering life guidance

~Aura protection and repair

~Promoting relaxation and sleep

~Problem Solving 

~Spiritual communication and medium abilities

~Helping keeper master lucid dreaming and meditation.

His best means of communication are through emotions, pendulum, lucid dreams and meditation. 

His current vessel is a nicely made pendant.

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