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Sindah - Level 7+ Banshee Issues Warnings, Protects, Reduces Stress and More


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Today I offer you a Banshee...Gone is the time when this amazing entity was known to scream before a death! This myth is now being laid to rest and spirit keepers everywhere are understanding than a Banshee's cry is rather a warning. This cry if listened to can save lives and can help you stop bad things from happening. Her cry when heard is a blessing and will give you the wonderful opportunity to fix, alter or completely avoid a bad event.

This is a level 7+ Banshee of great power and remarkable success.

Banshees are very vivid entities who normally manifest as women in their 20s and some can be breathtakingly beautiful. Some can even be pretty sexual with their keepers. This is a personal choice between keeper and Banshee. In true form she manifest as a curvy women with black hair, porcelain skin, full red lips and large dark eyes.

She is loyal, watchful and good natured. Some keepers of Banshees find that they build a wonderful companionship with theirs.

If you desire warning of negative events, companionship, vivid manifesting and even companionship then you should consider a Banshee.

She can also use her voice to sooth fears and calm nerves. During times of stress she may softly hum to you, he voice will embrace you in comfort and spread an energy of happiness mixed with safety.
Another gift that is unique to the Banshee is their ability to ease and help people to the afterlife. At the end of their keepers live the Banshee can prepare that person, guide that person and help that person to adjust to their death. Fear does not have to be apart of this change that we all go through.

She communicate by using vocals such of hums and occasionally a cry or scream. She can be also reach her keeper by emotions and a pendulum.

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Her current vessel is a nicely made glass bead.

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