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Male Selkie Entity Brings Healing, Peace, New Friendships and More - Very Generous and Devoted


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Today I am excited Selkie!

He is friendly, interactive, loyal and very generous.

In true form he has the upper body of a handsome man in his mid-20s with short blonde hair, green eyes, and a lean muscular torso...His bottom half is that of a seal. He will manifest as blue orbs, mists, and can use water to manifest.

About the Selkie...

A Selkie is similar to a mermaid.... Except instead of having fish-like features they have seal like features!

They are gentle entities that enjoy human companionship. When you bring him  into your life you will never have to fear being lonely again. He offers you hos friendship, someone to talk to in times of need, comfort and unconditional love.

He can help your possess a new and active social life surrounded with good friends...He can pass on an allure that draws in positive people.

A selkie is a bringer of good luck. He will attract many blessings into your life and remove negative barriers. When he senses something that hinders you he will be sure to remove it safely and prevent it (among other negative forces) from entering your life again.

You will also experience a sudden uplift in your mood.... He will never leave you feeling depressed, anxious or angry!  He eases painful memories and can help heal your broken heart. In times of need he will be the first by your side and will not give up until you are happy again!

This Selkie has a playful nature. He makes slight sounds that may often sound like a gentle laugh or a soft sigh.

His communicates by emotions, visions, telepathy, dreams, and during meditation.

His current vessel is a bead. 

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