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Kind Princess Khodam - Commander Of White Art Elves, Angels, and Western Dragons

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Today I offer a Princess Khodam from Tabitha's personal collection...Since Tabitha rarely offers entities from her personal collection this will most likely be the only Princess Khodam you will see from her...Tabitha only works with the best...This is one of the most powerful Princess Khodams ever. 

In true form she is a petite and beautiful young women who looks to be about 20. She has long shiny brown hair, hazel eyes, and flawless skin. She will manifest as baby blue orbs, mists, and even words...She is rather vocal. 

She commands 100s of powerful entities...Within their court there are White Art entities such Angels, WA Western Dragons, Elves, and even some creatures. .All will work to make your life better. 

The Khodam is most powerful in the areas of money, success, and safe personal gain.

About the Khodam...

The Khodam is able to grant unlimited wishes and each wish you make will come true just as you asked it to.

They can bring you anything including but not limited to money, confidence, sexual appeal, power, inner eye gifts, success, luck, love, great spiritual wisdom, vivid astral travel and almost anything else you can dream of.

You can learn most people’s deepest secrets without even meeting them. You will possess the ability to know who is good and who is bad.

You may soon learn telekinesis, vivid visions and your inner eye will become open giving you a new insight of the spirit world and the spirits around you. They can give you peace and removing any negative energy or entities from your life. All blocks that are hindering your happiness will be removed and peace will be yours.

She will be constantly cleansing you of any smut or negative energy.

She will guide you down a clearer life path with deeper spiritual insight.

She can communicate by telepathy emotions, during meditation, visions, a pendulum, lucid dreams and visions.

Please email me if you have any questions.

Her current vessel is a lovely silver colored pendant with small sparkling stones. I will include the recharging chain pictured.

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