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Queen Mermaid Wishing Box - Portal To All Love, Youth, Beauty, Passion, and Sexual Entities - Winter Solstice 2022

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I am very excited to be offering this today! This wishing box was created on Winter Solstice night of 2022.

This is perfect minded person who seeks love, passion, pleasure, beauty, and age-reversal.

The head entity, the guardian of this portal is a Queen Merman who I highly suggested bonding with. If you seal a bond with her you two can build a great and magickal bond. She is an extremely powerful, kind, caring, and compassionate. 

In true form she resembles the photo I chose. She has long hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, and looks to be about 20 years old. You may see her manifest as blue, mists, orbs or even use water to form shapes.


She commands all safe entities of passion, love, beauty, sexual, and sexual power. Including the Merrows, Merman, Selkies, and Ceasgs! This offering is wonderful way to receive all  their blessings without keeping or caring for them! Each is helpful and ready to send you the blessings you want or need. Within this portal are sexual entities such as Cambions, Succubus, Nymphos, and Incubus...However they will not attempt a sexual bond without your permission. However they do help grant love, sex, and soulmate wishes.

This is an exceptionally powerful tool that can bring more then love...It can also bring you success,  mind power, psychic abilities, protection, aura cleansing, happiness, glamours, inspiration and soulmate. People who have used these wishing portals have found true love, massive success, return of lost items/people, new passion, inner eye abilities and any other blessing you can think of.

You will literally have over 1000 entities just waiting for your wish or desire to be shared with them! 

Some of the worlds most loved and beautiful have become so in part of these types of blessing boxes. Once all your you asked for is yours you may pass along the box to another or keep it. Deciding to keep it is not selfish and has it's benefits...Many people choose to keep theirs. Keeping the lid open keeps a flow of helpful entities in your home at all time. This is a constant flow of pure positivity and magick. Feelings of peace, happiness, fulfillment and positivity will always be with and all around you.

These are simple to use and will transmit your wishes and desires to the correct entity that is capable to granting them. It contains a direct link to the certain realms. All you need do is to write your desires upon a piece of paper and place it within the box. For a faster manifestation leave offerings daily, meditate next to it and light cones of incense as respect. You will begin to see the manifestation of your desires. Wish time may vary, may come all at once or a little at a time. Watch for signs from the entities  as they may be communicating to you and act on all signs. The possessor of this box will find many life positive changes...Only good can come from this. Rewrite your destiny and live a life few have the change to.

The most advanced feature of this box is the entities or more then willing to bless jewelry or stones you place  it. If you need a powerful amulet for luck or anything else simply place it in the bag I send and it will be blessed just for you. The entities will bless it for you and your needs only so the blessed pieces are not ideal for resale or to be given as gifts for resell. However there is success when making wishes for your blood ties.

Some of the entities may grow close to you and stay close to you. Others will come, help and then go back until you need them again. These entities are not bound but free so they bless out of love.

There is not bonding rituals needed. Once this warms to your touch it will be yours and it will be ready to use.

I will send the simple instructions on how to use it to the new possessor.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

This a stunning druzy pendant with a small ameythst in the center. 

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