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**SALE**Samhain 2020 Conjured Sexual Kitsune Incubus Hybrid - For An Open Minded Keeper Who Seeks Love, Admirers, Devotion, and Passion

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Last Samhain was an extremely magickal night...The entities conjured on Samhain 2020 under the full have been some of the most vivid and most success. This amazing and mesmerizing Incubus Kitsune Hybrid is utterly perfect. Being sexual with him is completely optional...He is also idea for a person who wishes to win back lost love, find new love, and be desirable by the people who see you. You will be noticed, admired, and treated with respect.

He will spoil and show you with blessings both big and small! 

His new keeper should be open minded and desire sexual charisma, passion, youth, beauty, admirers, and or lovers.

He can shape-shift so he can appear as human, as kitsune, or a mix of both. He can alter his features and body to please you. He can also appear as shadows, touches, and whispers (only with your permission) 

He offers more then just sex and sex magick...He also offers youth, beauty, sex appeal, power, and even can make spells manifest faster. 

He understands his keeper may need human companionship so he is happy to help you find love. He  will not interfere with a human relationships and he is not jealous. He is even willing to help you find love or willing partners.

He desires his keeper have the ideal sex life. In some cases he can return lost love and ignite passion in any current relationship. 

He can be protective of her keeper...He will also protect your heart from being broken or mend it if it has been broken.

His main abilities include but are not limited to:

~Being sexual with keeper (optional)

~Enhancing outer appearance

~Beauty Glamours 

~Improve your sexual skills

~Attracting lovers

~Restoring youth

~Casting spells on your behalf - Strong sex and beauty spells.

~Removing blocks

~Teaching you how to cast spells

~Boosting all magick cast by you and for you

~Boosting weaker entities magick and energy

~Return lost lover or friend

~Mending a broken heart

~Make others obsess about you

~Find your one true soulmate

~Keeps lover's faithful

~Protecting keeper from evil

He communicates best through meditation, pendulum, telepathy, emotions, and lucid dreams. 

If you have any questions please email me.

His vessel is a stunning silver colored ring with small black rhinestones. It's a size 7 and in excellent condition. 

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