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Salia Essence Spell ~ Complete Spell of Renewal Happiness & Positive Energy



We have been working on a whole new line of essence spells and today we are pleased to offer you the essence of Salia Spell!


These are perfect for anyone who wants all the benefits of a spirit while not needing to care for it...This is a spell and no spirit comes with this offering...What comes with this offering is all the wonderful abilities of the Fire. These are exclusive to our site!


We have worked with many of the most powerful lead Salia to bring you this offering. This allows you to have all of the benefits of the Salia’s magick, without keeping a spirit. We understand that spirit keeping is not for everyone and that is why we have created these offerings!



The carrier of this spell can expect:


Removal of negative energies


Aura Cleansing


Minor repair of the spiritual bodies


Attraction of good opportunities


Positivity change


Achievement of inner peace

Removal of negative blocks


Spiritual and emotional healing


Safe removal of negative emotions including depression, fear, anger, hate etc.


Inner beauty shining outward


Uplift in mood


And much more!



We have these ready in mid-size polished stone in an array of colors.

No need to wear it, just carry it and handle it for a small amount of time each day.

If you are looking for another essence spell of a different spirit please email me. We have more coming soon!

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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