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SALE! Powerful Spell Of Good Luck - Luck In Love, Money and Life - Full Moon 3X Casting - Stunning Bracelet!

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Today we offer a very special bracelet that has a powerful luck, success, and wealth spell cast upon it. 

This offering is a full coven casting of our most popular money and good luck spell. This is the most powerful version of this spell...Not only is it from a full moon casting...It's also a full coven 3X cast. These combined yield great results! This is limited to two...Don't wait...The time to increase your money flow is now!

If you have one bad thing after another happen to you then this spell can turn the tide for you. The magick will cleanse away life hindering negative energy that can cause bad things to happen. The magick will then pull only the good to you and it will keep away the bad...Luck in love, luck in happiness, luck in job and even winning luck can be in your neat future! 

The world and all it's negatives will not longer to against you. Happiness can take the place of sadness...Stress can turn into relaxation...Bad luck will become good luck. 

You only need possess one of these bracelets!. Do so and your life can start changing sooner then you think! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

This also add free charging and cleansing to the bracelet. 

We used a lovely bracelet for this casting...It will stretch to fit a wide array of wrist sizes. 

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