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Safety Spell - Protection From Black Satanic Magick and Curse Blocker Spell

$19.99 $10.99


Today I offer a single casting of our Black Magick Protection Spell.

This is custom casted by me personally. I cast this spell with great care to ensure a successful spell.

This beautiful glass bead offers protection from black/satanic magick. It will block and deflect any negative magick that has been cast upon you or at you. This can even remove any older satanic spells that may have been hindering your life and happiness.

This spell can successful block love curses, bad luck curses, bad health curses, aura damaging curses, break up cruses, and any type of loss curses. These are just a few curses and spells it can block. If it's evil, harmful, not known to you and will hinder you this spell will stop it.

It will not block any spells that are welcome in your life. Any current spells you have manifesting will continue to do so...This spelled bead will clear the way for them to manifest at a better pace.

If you are looking for a larger scale spell of protection my coven and I are working a much stronger version of this spell. However that spell is suggested for people in advanced stages of distress. This spell is perfect for the basic black/satanic magick spell. I normally suggest that clients and friends start with this one. Being such a important spell I have it priced to be affordable for everyone.

If you have have any questions please feel free to email me.

I cast this spell on a simple yet nicely made glass bead. 

Thank you for looking.