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Repair Aura Aligns Charka and Removes Guilt Be 100% Cleasned


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This lovely amulet possess the magick to cleanse, align charge, remove guilt and repair your aura. This a 3 night, 3X Cast, Full Coven Casting that will free you from negativity! 

 A cleansed/repaired Aura - Allows for a feeling of good health. Spirits and spells will manifest faster with pure results.

Aligned Charka - Heals from the inside out. Increases your energy and allows for a positive energy flow.

Cleansed Guilt - The removal of any bad memories or guilt can free you in more ways then one. You will find you sleep better, feel better, are happier, can think more clearly and have more energy throughout the day.

There is a simple ritual you must preform with this Rose Quartz. However wearing it is the most important factor. With time and proper use you can become new again! Be just as clean and free as the day you were born.

We cast this spell on a pendant that is 2" in size, has a golden colored cap, and will come with a recharging chain. The pendant may vary in color from rose to white quartz.

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