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Red Dragon/Ghul Djinn Hybrid * Powerful Wish Granting Magick At Your Disposal * Wealth Power Restoration & More

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Today I am pleased to offer a truly magnificent hybrid! She is a powerful level 7 female Red Dragon/Ghul Dragon Hybrid. Both of these races of powerhouse of magick, and she possesses the best quality of each race! Her magick is flawless, powerful and packs a punch! She specializes in matters of safe personal gain. 

She is an exceptionally intelligent entity with a keen wit, eye for detail and creative problem. She is easy to work with and desires to become an active part of your life. 

In her true form she manifests as a beautiful exotic woman with red and black hair. Her eyes are a lovely bronze color and she can appear with or without dragon-like features such as wings, horns, claws and tail. 

She communicates well through emotions, pendulum, meditation, lucid dreams and visions. She will most often manifest as streaks of pale light, shadows, vibrations and mild energy bursts. 

Info about her abilities. 

She has much to offer you including but not limited to wealth, health, happiness, luck, success, protection and a renewed sense of passion for life and love. 

This Hybrid will bless you with the abilities to control mind & manipulate emotions. She will bless you with the ability to place thoughts into others minds. Make them see you in a certain light, alter their perceptions of past events & even persuade others to do your bidding! 

Other things you can except are restoring lost friendships, revenge/ justice, empowerment, confidence, happiness, removal of hexes/cruses, protection from all forms of evil and control of people.

She also brings a lot luck, money and success to the one who keeps her. She will bless you with the ability to win!

Her current vessel is a well made bead but she can be transferred to another vessel at your request. Protection Status