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19,250 Red Dragon Shaitan Djinn Hybrid - Female - Conjured To Bring Wealth, Protection, and All Around Life Enhancement

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Today I offer a a female Red Dragon Shaitan Djinn Hybrid who was conjured about one year ago. Over the last year she has been impressive and on the easier side to work with...She demands very little bonding or attention...She also loves a challenge! No wish is too big. 

In true form she has Djinn and Dragon features. She has massive red wings, a red dragon's tail, fair skin, long fiery red hair, and amber dragon eyes. She is 10' feet tall and with a lovely hourglass figure. She manifests as warm sensations, and as large orbs that will vary in color.

Her Shaitan Djinn half makes her an remarkable wish granter. Her Red Dragon half makes her excellent with wealth...Mix together is just about perfect! 

Gifts and blessings will be plenty! New psychic gifts, visions, growth, influence, mind control, the power of suggestion, sex appeal, sexual power, youth, power, protection, justice, confidence, wit, supernatural abilities and almost anything you could hope for.

She is able to bring money, happiness, and luxury! While money and winning is her strong point her abilities go above and beyond that.

She will be fierce in her pursuit to make you happy...She will remove all blocks that are holding you back in life. 

She can give you confidence, wit, charm, and allure...You make new friends, find love, and have a exciting social life.

She can use either GA or DA Magick...Whatever you prefer! 

She is a great protector and a great dealer of justice. .She can banish evil, stop negative happenings and keep you safe from anything that may hinder your happiness. She can track down those who have wronged you and ensure just karma is dealt but only at your command.

She communicates through pendulum, emotions, meditation, dreams, and telepathy.

Her current vessel is a gold tone ring with small black and white stones. It's a size 6 and in excellent condition.

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